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English or Pinyin 英文或拼音 (与证件一致)

English or Pinyin 英文或拼音 (与证件一致)

Please note the age requirement to apply is between 5 to 19 years old. Applicants not meeting the above requirements may not be considered.

Determined by born year (e.g. born in 2010, then the age group is 8 for whichever month when you apply in 2018)

Please follow the table below to select Entry Grade that corresponds your child’s current age. If you do not follow, we will consider it is your own intended act. Han Academy reserves the right to final decision.

Please refer to the table below for entry grade.

Age (y/o) 年龄组567891011121314151617
Entry Grade 报读年级Y1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10Y11Y12Y13

Please note that those who joined 2019-2020 Academic Year will be consider new students in the new Academic Year. While joining in 2018-2019 Academic Year will be considered as transfer students.

Please fill in applicant’s personal email.

Correspondence Address

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Home Address (if different from correspondence address)

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Current or Most Recent School

Previous Schools (if applicable)

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Personal Information
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Office Address

1 is the highest. 1为最高优先级。

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Parents are responsible to ensure the information provided is true and accurate. Parents should inform the school promptly when there is an amendment. The information in this form is only for admission application to Han Academy and for parents to inform the school of the academic and family background of the applicant. Information given will be kept confidential.