Admission Procedure

The school will enroll students based on their academic level, conduct, interview performance, non-academic achievements, family background and other relevant factors.

Under the same conditions, the following students enjoy the priority of admission:

  • Holders of the capital bonds
  • Siblings apply for enrollment to our school at the same time

Excellent students who excel in academics and non-academic areas can apply for scholarship. See scholarship page.

Admission Plan of 2018-2019

  • Grade for admission: Y1 - Y12
  • Small classes: no more than 12 students in one class in primary school, no more than 16 students in one class in secondary school.
  • Fees: Tuition fees include all compulsory courses and other courses, subject tutoring, competition training and other expenses.
  • Tuition fee: Primary school annual tuition fee is HK$198,000($19,800*10 installment). Secondary school annual tuition fee is HK$208,000($20,800*10 installment). Annual tuition fee for A-Level or IBDP programme is 218,000($21,800*10 installment).

Age Group for Interview

Students will be placed into the various Year Group for interviews based on the age of the child and their year of birth.

Age group to Year Level interview placement:

Age Group56789101112131415
Year Level1234567891011

The school's Primary section has already or almost fulfilled the enrolment quota. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Therefore, parents/guardians are strongly advised to apply early.


Capital Bonds

In order to raise fund for school operation, Happy Life Education Foundation is issuing education bonds for 2018 - 2019 academic year(starts from July 1,2018): capital bond, classified into private bond and corporation bond as listed below:

  • Both private bonds and corporate bonds will be HK$5,000,000/per unit, entitled to one school place admission priority.
  • The capital bond will not be refunded, bears no interest and should be kept at least one year before any transfer.
  • Each bond bearer has the right to nominate any student to apply to Han Academy. The student will have the priority to be admitted when passing the entrance examination.
  • The capital bond nomination right also applies to any one of the schools operated under Happy Life Education Foundation in future.
  • The bond can be transferred 3 months after the student leaves or graduates from the school. The transfer price will be decided between the bearer and the buyer only, but both the bearer and buyer are obligated to report to the Happy Life Education Foundation for record and pay for transfer fees. Any profits, if have, shall be shared equally by the bearer and Happy Life Education Foundation.
  • The value of the capital bond is subject to change in the future. Interested parties who would like to purchase a capital bond from current holders may contact the school via telephone: +852 3998 6300.
  • Capital Bond Subscription Survey